04 May

My existence is entangled the cobwebs of nonnebulous ,

It sears through the mechanical and  desultory  rituals ad nauseam.

It seems as if I’m living through something so fallacious , it hardly seems to exist ,

What appears out at the front is starkingly contrasting to the murky truths deep within.

I strive so hard , so  painstakingly , to acquire what my being desires ,

Retrospectively deliberating , it dawns upon me I’m rot off my innocence to propensity  of my desires.

Hanging upside down in a limbo , I see my tenebrous conjectures obscured ,

No truth no lies, dreariness ubiquitously and nothing procured.

The very fabric of our world strewn and befuddled with terrorism and hypocrisy , found on baseless beliefs ,

Even if I get to be part of this never ceasing deceptiveness, I wonder what good I would gain.

Relationships that are supposed to be a bundle of joys , strangle me and hold me down ,

Encircle me in their depressing confinements, yearning for a few precious moments of peace.

I find myself lurking in the obsidian depths of the world , wandering through the paths of ceaseless drowning,

 I don’t feel the absence of my lost soul anymore , perhaps because I’ll never find it. 

-Deeksha Baluja

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