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Speech on Peace and Violence


Respected and distinguished guests and all my dear friends, today I’m going to talk about Peace, something which we so long for all our lives, and work so hard to attain the inner bliss and calmness. In fact, our very existence is defined and driven by that perpetual desire to attain the feeling of tranquility and composure.

But ask yourselves, could you ever experience a sense of assuredness if someone around is constantly suffering and is in mind numbing agony, would you really believe that amity and pacifism exist in the current scenario full of conflict and discord? No, right?

You don’t really have to look very far to understand what I’m trying to implicate, just look at your surroundings, remember those shrill sounds coming from your next door flat, those eerie sobbing sounds, muffled yet shouting out loudly about the raging domestic violence

Doesn’t it make you think that the very idea of Peace in the current context is a mere illusion and nothing more?

Think about those parents who are mistreated by their children, raged upon, abused and left to fend for themselves

I would like to reiterate this point very strongly that there can be no peace until and unless the people in our society and respected and cared for by others, be it the youth, the middle-aged people or are elderly. We are all slaves of the injustice until everyone is free.

It immensely grieves my heart when I see young, well-to-do people shutting out their homes for their parents and sending them off to old age homes. How could you even do this to those who brought you to life and nurtured you and stood by you through every thick and thin.

You’ll be surprised to know that 70% of women in some countries face physical and or sexual violence in their life , and 11-83% of older people in almost 15 countries have been subjected to a variety of types of abuse

The violence against our own brethren has tremendous cost to communities, nations and societies for public wellbeing, health and safety and also for productivity and law enforcement.

The prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the happiness index of its population. Absence of happiness and peace on the other hand leads to depression and sometimes people themselves become victims or abusers. Henceforth, creating a dearth of a neutral and amiable environment.

We must bring forth innovative and stringent ways to deal with perpetrators and provide justice to the victims. Some studies have shown that bringing together the victims to discuss issues of violence and to be able sensitize towards others has made them feel different. They become more involved and feel free to give suggestions on how to reduce violence.

Government and schools, as a must, must leave no stone unturned to lay the foundation for respect and equality by inculcating values of civility towards the other gender. The following four P’s of action plan are a must for sustaining justice

Protection of Human Rights

Prosecution of offenders

Prevention of violence

Provision of services to survivors

At last, as a conclusion I suppose the least we can do is bestow love and respect on our fellow human beings without any discrimination linked to cast, race, gender or religion and bring about a real change and peace to this world.

Deeksha Baluja

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The Darker Side Of Me

                              Things that are unexplainable , inexplicable ,
The side behind the sheen and distortion .

Something behind the mirage you create,
In the world you live,  you so strive to survive.

The farce you put up , feign calmness you show ,
for putting those prying and officious  eyes to rest.

A face , the real one, behind the fake one,
A life I have been living , A life I have been dreading.

-Deeksha Baluja

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Grief and Anger

Grief and Anger are each other’s complement,

They rise out from melancholy and resentment .

Grief makes one depressed and sad,

Anger makes one go mad.

Grief and Anger destroys one’s calm and coolness,

So  its one’s folly to assume an attitude awash with  foolishness .

Grief and Anger makes a person to lose control over his brain ,

All his consciousness and understanding go down the drain.

Grief and Anger makes one feel tense and  lonely ,

He remains restricted and  confined to himself only.

Grief and Anger leaves  a person to strain  and strive ,

They make a person’s life like a car with failed brakes while on a terribly long drive.

Grief and Anger makes one so helpless , one wonders how to survive ,

They make your life a cryptic maze ,  neither to which you find clues nor a way out anyhow improvised.

-Deeksha Baluja

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My existence is entangled the cobwebs of nonnebulous ,

It sears through the mechanical and  desultory  rituals ad nauseam.

It seems as if I’m living through something so fallacious , it hardly seems to exist ,

What appears out at the front is starkingly contrasting to the murky truths deep within.

I strive so hard , so  painstakingly , to acquire what my being desires ,

Retrospectively deliberating , it dawns upon me I’m rot off my innocence to propensity  of my desires.

Hanging upside down in a limbo , I see my tenebrous conjectures obscured ,

No truth no lies, dreariness ubiquitously and nothing procured.

The very fabric of our world strewn and befuddled with terrorism and hypocrisy , found on baseless beliefs ,

Even if I get to be part of this never ceasing deceptiveness, I wonder what good I would gain.

Relationships that are supposed to be a bundle of joys , strangle me and hold me down ,

Encircle me in their depressing confinements, yearning for a few precious moments of peace.

I find myself lurking in the obsidian depths of the world , wandering through the paths of ceaseless drowning,

 I don’t feel the absence of my lost soul anymore , perhaps because I’ll never find it. 

-Deeksha Baluja

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