Aankhon Mein Jal Raha Hai Kyun Bujhata Nahin Dhuan – Gulzar

16 Jan

Aankhon Mein Jal Rahaa Hai Kyuun Bujhataa Nahin Dhuuan
Uthataa To Hai Ghataa Saa Barasataa Nahin Dhuaan

Chuulhaa Nahin Jalaaye Yaa Basti Hi Jal Ga_Ii
Kuchh Roz Ho Gaye Hain Ab Uthataa Nahin Dhuaan

Aankhon Se Ponchane Se Lagaa Aanch Kaa Pataa
Yuun Cheharaa Pher Lene Se Chhupata Nahin Dhuaan

Aankhon Se Aansuon Ke Maraasim Puraane Hain
Mehamaan Ye Ghar Men Aayen To Chubhataa Nahin Dhuaan

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