Unspoken Words.

07 Feb

Unspoken Words


Unspoken words, louder than anything I’ve ever said or heard.
Eyes collide,
hover for a heartbeat before
diverging as though set on fire.
How can one look set her on fire?
How can one word have him inspired?

Because he wants to say ‘I love you’ and she wants to say ‘Me more’
but they’re both afraid of falling and so they linger by the door.
And it’s not that they are cowards, but they’ve both been there before,
for they are not unfamilar with the cold solidity of the floor.

His height is a tower she longs to break into words, the broadness of his shoulders are parchment to scribble on.
Heavy eyelids that hold the burden of the night’s sleep
he steals from her
With crow-feeted eyes and crooked smiles,
the manner by which he defies
the laws of life conventionalized through time.
Oh this guy, God, this…

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